Great Online Space Games Worth Playing

Gaming has given us the chance to fly out into the depths of the cosmos, and by the time the internet became widespread, this allowed for a revolution in new types of space games. So, we now have a collection of excellent multiplayer games that allows players to roam the galaxy.

Not every game is made the same, however. And not every single space game is worth playing. But if you are looking for a new online space game to give a try, consider the following list.

EVE Online

Anyone with an interest in gaming will likely have heard of EVE Online. This notorious space game features many of the gaming world’s most dramatic moments. It’s because of the open nature of the game that these moments are able to occur at all.

EVE Online gives players the chance to do what they want. But they are in a universe where everyone has the same advantage. And makes for truly unique situations. Many players lose so much playing the game that they quit forever. But for many others, EVE Online represents a digital Wild West, complete with online pokies. And it’s a place where just about anything imaginable takes place.

Whatever the case may be, EVE Online is not for the faint-hearted. But players with an interest in space exploration should still give it a chance.

Elite Dangerous

Another well-known space game on Steam is Elite Dangerous. This game has many of the same elements of EVE Online, although it’s arguably less cut-throat than EVE. Either way, Elite Dangerous provides a virtually unlimited universe that players are free to explore.

Open Play is a type of game mode within Elite Dangerous that gives players the chance to interact with one another in an open environment where every inch is explorable. This makes Elite Dangerous a great choice for the player that likes to go as far as they possibly can.

No Man’s Sky

When it hit the public, many were unhappy with No Man’s Sky. But the company behind the game has worked hard to make it better in every conceivable way. And one way they have done this is by adding a multiplayer element.

This means that players can explore the NMS environment with their friends as well as strangers from around the world. And every new update adds a great selection of new and interesting features to the game. No Man’s Sky is a must for anyone that loves to be able to explore without any kind of limit.

Players can build a base on the planet that they choose, and they are also able to purchase spacecraft. These can be small spaceships, or they can be huge cargo vessels. Whatever the player decides to do, they will find that there is a type of spacecraft that’s perfect for their needs throughout the game’s journey.