This is the Requirement for Witnesses in Divorce Trial in Religious Courts

Following are the requirements for witnesses in a divorce trial at the Religious Court:

• Healthy mind, mentality and memory
• Legal competence (Adult and not under interdiction).
• Knowing Concerned Household Problems (seeing, hearing and knowing firsthand).

For example, the reason for your divorce is because of frequent quarrels, so examples of witnesses who can be brought in are your neighbors who have heard you fight.
In divorce cases, especially in divorce for shiqaq reasons (because of continuous quarrels or disputes), you can bring witnesses from your own family. As for divorce cases apart from being shiqaq such as violations of and so on, legal experts still have different opinions about whether or not to bring witnesses from the family side.

If your divorce case is not due to reasons, then you should just bring witnesses outside your family, you, who know about your family problems, for example, your friends, your neighbors, and so on.
Usually, judges like to ask them to bring in 2 witnesses, this must be fulfilled. Don’t be told by the judge to bring two witnesses, bro, you only bring one witness. That’s important, because the testimony of one person cannot be considered a witness. This means that if there is no other evidence that meets the requirements, then more than one witness must be presented.

Due to the large number of ladies who complained to about the difficulty of finding witnesses on the grounds that witnesses who saw, heard or knew about their domestic … Read More

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Choosing and Using a Lawyer / Advocate Service Tips?

As a legal practitioner (lawyer / lawyer) for almost twenty years, it doesn’t cross my mind if there are tips on choosing an advocate / lawyer. This is of course at least because in my mind, that advocate profession is an honorable profession (officium nobile). As a respectable profession, surely there should be no tips for choosing and using the services of a lawyer / advocate. But for some reason, I thought there were tips for choosing an advocate, an unusual thought in an advocate / lawyer. This is of course, because a lawyer is certainly the focus of the client’s legal issues.

Interrupted during the free time and let go of the mind and attention of the case / legal problem that is being handled, the question of choosing an advocate continues to interfere with my mind, even though it feels awkward too and makes no sense if an advocate thinks of such tips. It may be different as the case with a mechanic giving tips for choosing a good workshop, or tips on shopping at the Mall and other such.

The question of how to choose an advocate / lawyer continues to be a brainchild and I imagine myself as a non-advocate. What is someone’s consideration before dropping the choice on a lawyer?

As stated above, I almost never heard of any tips for choosing and using the services of an advocate / lawyer (maybe because I am an advocate), even what is often discussed is the matter … Read More

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Important before choosing an advocate

Then it was also stated
When the community chooses an Advocate, he should first check whether this Advocate is a member of an official Advocate professional organization recognized by the Law. Professional organizations recognized by the Advocate Law

The importance of the community asks about the membership of a professional organization for an Advocate to be chosen, this is useful for:
1. If there is a code-ethical violation between the Advocate and the client, then the public can complain of the violation through the Professional Organization Honorary Board.
2. Protect the interests of the community as consumers of advocate service users based on the Consumer Protection Act.
Another important thing that must be realized by the public in choosing and using Advocate services, namely the community must have high trust that the Advocates chosen are able to provide legal services according to their needs as clients. The trust given by clients to advocates must be so good, so that advocates can be identified as part of the body of the client itself, because of this belief Advocates are also called the honorable [officium nobile] in carrying out and / or providing legal services to the public or clients. Because this is not an easy thing to do casually, the community as a client of an advocate service user should:

1. No need to choose and use the Advocate services in a hurry
2. must choose the process and stages of time and caution
3. There must be a conviction that … Read More

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Packages Of Examine

public lawThe Public Legislation Dialogue Group (@PLDG_Oxford) gives a forum for discussion of public legislation on the College of Oxford. The articles and commentary enable readers to remain on top of public legislation developments in Australasia and in other parts of the common regulation world. I work within the authorities, regulatory and advocacy staff, specialising in environmental, planning and public regulation.

One motive, Google is preventing people with out personal access to the location from seeing every web page it indexes for a web site to maintain that data from being scraped publicly. It’s indispensable for each practitioners and people concerned with the examine of constitutional and administrative regulation in the UK and abroad.

Worldwide Field Journeys allow students to see the legislation in action in a world context. The LL.M in Public Legislation can be a good choice for college students thinking about a profession in academia. The theme of the 2018 conference is ”˜The Frontiers of Public Legislation’.

Nevertheless, as well as we house plenty of heavyweight public regulation practitioners who are well-equipped to cope with complex constitutional, administrative and human rights related public legislation circumstances. You will contemplate various challenges to this conception of sovereignty, including from worldwide regulation, the European Union and the break-up of states into smaller, impartial territories.

And commitments to constitutional and administrative reform likewise remain sturdy in lots of authorized orders. Public Law for Everyone seems to be written by Mark Elliott Mark is Professor of Public Legislation and Deputy Chair of the … Read More

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public lawOn the department of Public Legislation, Jurisprudence and Authorized Historical past History instructing and analysis on quite a lot of legal areas is being carried out. Public law affects society as a complete and includes administrative regulation, constitutional legislation, felony regulation, municipal legislation and worldwide regulation. From that point on, you will purchase a set of data and expertise requested to specialize yourself and apply for a place both in an International Organisation, a authorities, an NGO, a legislation firm etc.

ICON.S now invites panel and paper submissions for the 2019 Annual Convention on Public Legislation in Times of Change?”. Many of the top universities hosting Law study packages are located within the USA or UK Particular necessities for international applicants from these countries will be discovered on our web site.

Visit our programme catalogue for full particulars of the construction and unit content for our LLM in Public Law. Our graduates who specialised in Public Legislation have discovered employment as legal professionals advising on regulatory, legislative and policy points for central authorities, other public organisations including local authorities, and personal bodies.

For instance, if a scholar is fascinated with felony justice, he or she would possibly develop a package of programs drawn from Constitutional Prison Process, Criminal Adjudication, Prison and Forensic Evidence, Federal Felony Law, Federal Criminal Practice, Federal Prison Process, Worldwide Prison Law, Submit-Conviction Treatments, and White Collar Crime.… Read More

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Authorized Assist

legal aidLegal assist is the provision of assistance to people who are unable to afford authorized representation and access to the courtroom system. Quite a lot of delivery fashions for authorized aid have emerged, together with obligation attorneys, group authorized clinics and the fee of legal professionals to take care of circumstances for individuals who’re entitled to authorized support. Go to to find the legal support or other group that could possibly provide assist.

This edited assortment gives a complete analysis of the variations and similarities between civil authorized assist schemes in the Nordic countries while outlining current authorized assist transformations in their respective welfare states.

Consequently, many individuals—particularly those that are poor or otherwise deprived—are left without any real access to authorized counsel in both legal and non-criminal matters. Article forty seven of the Constitution of Elementary Rights of the European Union supplies that authorized aid might be made out there to those that lack ample resources, in as far as such support is important to ensure efficient entry to justice.

Our mission is to hunt equal justice for all by fixing purchasers’ legal issues, strengthening the voices of low-income communities, and rooting out the inequities that maintain people in poverty. Start beside making a document of keywords coordinated to your online business.… Read More

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