An Online Gamer’s Internet Guide

One of the essential components of playing online games is a stable internet connection. This is a lot more complex than many people realise. And it’s because modern internet connections come in a variety of configurations.

When it comes to playing online games, there are certain requirements that need to be met. These requirements ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience, and any gamer can rant for hours about how much they hate high ping. This means the internet needs to be stable, fast, and consistent. Let’s look at what this means and how it affects gaming online.

A Low Ping

Ping is a representation of the physical distance of the line. The farther away the house is from an exchange, the higher the ping. But ping is also affected by how far a particular server is. This means that it’s best to look at internet connections that have a low ping.

That means that satellite internet, for example, won’t work. This is because this kind of internet has a high ping. And this holds even if the connection itself is extremely fast.

The type of hardware that ensures the best ping is fibre optic. This kind of line offers high speeds at a relatively low cost. And more and more cities around the world are rolling out fibre optic lines to their citizens.

An Excellent Router

Another aspect to keep in mind is the router. When it comes to reliable internet, a router makes a big difference. This is the device that handles all the traffic, and it helps to have access directly to the router. This is something that most gamers will want to learn how to configure.

A quality router is a good investment. And while they are pricey, the extra asking cost is worth it. It’s also possible to install technologies like VPNs on routers. Perfect for the gamer that lives in a country where certain things are illegal, such as pokies online or poker.

In terms of gaming, aim for a router that is still widely supported and has a modern interface with plenty of configuration options. It’s also worth aiming for router brands that are well-known and reputable.

Local Servers

This concern is more about the game itself rather than the internet. But it does make a noticeable difference. This is why it’s important that gamers always choose servers that are close to them. This helps keep the ping as low as possible.

Almost all online games will provide options for choosing what kinds of servers are around. And on top of that, they will make it clear what region the server is situated in. This makes it that much easier to determine what kind of ping the player will expect on their line.

A good fibre optic connection, a quality router, and choosing local servers will make any gaming experience that much smoother.