This is the Requirement for Witnesses in Divorce Trial in Religious Courts

Following are the requirements for witnesses in a divorce trial at the Religious Court:

• Healthy mind, mentality and memory
• Legal competence (Adult and not under interdiction).
• Knowing Concerned Household Problems (seeing, hearing and knowing firsthand).

For example, the reason for your divorce is because of frequent quarrels, so examples of witnesses who can be brought in are your neighbors who have heard you fight.
In divorce cases, especially in divorce for shiqaq reasons (because of continuous quarrels or disputes), you can bring witnesses from your own family. As for divorce cases apart from being shiqaq such as violations of and so on, legal experts still have different opinions about whether or not to bring witnesses from the family side.

If your divorce case is not due to reasons, then you should just bring witnesses outside your family, you, who know about your family problems, for example, your friends, your neighbors, and so on.
Usually, judges like to ask them to bring in 2 witnesses, this must be fulfilled. Don’t be told by the judge to bring two witnesses, bro, you only bring one witness. That’s important, because the testimony of one person cannot be considered a witness. This means that if there is no other evidence that meets the requirements, then more than one witness must be presented.

Due to the large number of ladies who complained to about the difficulty of finding witnesses on the grounds that witnesses who saw, heard or knew about their domestic problems were afraid to be presented in court, then Kang Asep’s advice should be that you just flirt with them, tell them that being a witness it is not difficult, just say what he saw, heard or what he knew.

People who testify will not be put in prison like the big criminals who are often reported on in tipi. As long as the witness gives an honest statement, I guarantee that the witness will be safe.If the witness still doesn’t want to come to court, just try to be given a deadly seduction. The deadly seduction that I didn’t mean was to provide a little lubricant, so that the witness would come and give testimony at the divorce trial at the Religious Court.