What You Should Do if You Have Been Hurt in a Car Accident

If you have been hurt in a car accident, you want to make sure you follow the correct steps so that the insurance company will reimburse you for any expenses related to your injuries. Here are the steps you should follow.

1. Report to the Police

Call the police right away and report the accident. Even if the accident does not seem that serious, involving the police will make sure that you have the evidence you need in case you need to prove what happened. You don’t want to just rely on the word of the other driver.

2. Get Medical Treatment

Be sure to go to a doctor or hospital and be examined for your injuries. Your injuries may seem minor, but they could get worse over time, and you want to make sure to have your injuries documented in case you need to see an accident lawyer Columbia MD later.

3. Don’t Give Statements to Any Insurance Company

It does not matter whether it is your insurance company or the insurance company for the other driver. Don’t give either of them any information because they are not on your side. If the other driver does not have enough insurance, your company could be the one paying the claim, so they will try to use any information they can against you. You do need to report the accident to your insurance company, but tell them you won’t give a statement until you have talked to an attorney.

4. Call an Attorney

There may be a lot of money involved in paying for your medical treatment. You want to be sure that your claim is paid in full. Contact an attorney to protect your rights and to make sure that you are paid all the money that is due to you.

If you follow these steps in case of injury in a car accident, your interests will be protected and you will have the best chance of getting all your medical treatment paid for.