Important before choosing an advocate

Then it was also stated When the community chooses an Advocate, he should first check whether this Advocate is a member of an official Advocate professional organization recognized by the Law. Professional organizations recognized by the Advocate Law

The importance of the community asks about the membership of a professional organization for an Advocate to be chosen, this is useful for:
1. If there is a code-ethical violation between the Advocate and the client, then the public can complain of the violation through the Professional Organization Honorary Board.
2. Protect the interests of the community as consumers of advocate service users based on the Consumer Protection Act.
Another important thing that must be realized by the public in choosing and using Advocate services, namely the community must have high trust that the Advocates chosen are able to provide legal services according to their needs as clients. The trust given by clients to advocates must be so good, so that advocates can be identified as part of the body of the client itself, because of this belief Advocates are also called the honorable [officium nobile] in carrying out and / or providing legal services to the public or clients. Because this is not an easy thing to do casually, the community as a client of an advocate service user should:

1. No need to choose and use the Advocate services in a hurry
2. must choose the process and stages of time and caution
3. There must be a conviction that the Advocate that we choose indeed fits our legal needs.

If not, then we will lose valuable time and of course money, especially if we only end up alternating with the New Advocates, so we must introduce ourselves from the start again about our business / business activities and our legal needs for service law of an Advocate.
Furthermore, a brief tip is proposed for choosing an advocate;

1. Observation or Exploration

The first activity to do is to observe or explore. There are so many sources to explore, among others, discuss our desires with colleagues or business relations, who knows which of them can refer to Advocates who are familiar and qualified. Check local newspapers and other publications especially regarding articles or things that are of concern to local advocates in the local community. Lawyers who write a lot about leasing and franchising businesses, not necessarily lawyers who understand simple business questions in other fields of activity. as a single Advocate container through the homepage which contains a profile of the activities of an Advocate Office on the internet, such as Then check whether the name of the advocate personnel is incorporated in one of the Professional organizations or is included in a single data-base Advocate Profession

2. Consult Directly with Prospective Advocates

After we have done some explorations, do direct and maximum talks to several Lawyers who, according to us, are lawyers that fit our needs according to the results of observation. Design talks by asking questions

 3. Legal Honor Advocate (Payment)

Basically when you consult [even though it’s only the first time] you have actually used an advocate service, minimum in the form of consultation. What you need to realize from the start, that in using the services of an advocate, is rarely in the form of free or free, so you need to ask also how much it should cost when only consulting with the Advocate you will choose. People need to know how the fees (payments) that we must provide for the services of a lawyer. There are at least 4 (four) payment methods in utilizing Lawyer services, including:

1. Hourly Rate

this method of payment is usually carried out by Lawyers for services in a small business scope. It is important to know that every activity of a lawyer in representing the interests of clients, including in telephone services for consultation, and other matters such as correspondence for legal advice, preparing and preparing a draft contract are also included in the calculation.

2. Payments Set (Fixed Rate),

Lawyers who will handle a task or project usually determine a fixed payment system. However, this system is not used by services within the scope of litigation (the dispute that is resolved through a process in court). This system is usually applied to the use of services by small-scale businesses. For example, a lawyer sets a fixed rate to produce a contract or document.

3. Payments Based on Portions (Contingent Fees)

In this system the lawyer receives a portion of the results obtained from the client won in a legal dispute. But the lawyer here will only receive a share (Fee) if he succeeds in winning the case. If not, then he will only receive reimbursement for operational costs

4. Periodic Payments (Retainer)

If a lawyer uses a periodic payment system, the community as a client pays on a monthly basis or it can also be designed for payments on an annual basis. Previously various Lawyer services that would be received by the client must have been defined (detailed) to be mutually agreed upon

 5. Communication

After we choose a lawyer and determine the method of payment, make sure that we must avoid problems that might arise later on. For that we should always ask for a copy of an important document so that we can directly assess and direct it while paying attention to the legal advice and considerations of this lawyer. Also make sure that the Attorney submits all copies of various correspondence documents and final documents made in his capacity as our Attorney. Because we have chosen, and of course also have paid for a lawyer, of course we have the right to direct rationally how the lawyer services should be given or obtained. Ask our Lawyers something and open the communication path openly to avoid problems that might arise later on.