Choosing and Using a Lawyer / Advocate Service Tips?

As a legal practitioner (lawyer / lawyer) for almost twenty years, it doesn’t cross my mind if there are tips on choosing an advocate / lawyer. This is of course at least because in my mind, that advocate profession is an honorable profession (officium nobile). As a respectable profession, surely there should be no tips for choosing and using the services of a lawyer / advocate. But for some reason, I thought there were tips for choosing an advocate, an unusual thought in an advocate / lawyer. This is of course, because a lawyer is certainly the focus of the client’s legal issues.

Interrupted during the free time and let go of the mind and attention of the case / legal problem that is being handled, the question of choosing an advocate continues to interfere with my mind, even though it feels awkward too and makes no sense if an advocate thinks of such tips. It may be different as the case with a mechanic giving tips for choosing a good workshop, or tips on shopping at the Mall and other such.

The question of how to choose an advocate / lawyer continues to be a brainchild and I imagine myself as a non-advocate. What is someone’s consideration before dropping the choice on a lawyer?

As stated above, I almost never heard of any tips for choosing and using the services of an advocate / lawyer (maybe because I am an advocate), even what is often discussed is the matter of professional ethics. To answer my curiosity, of course it is rather impossible to ask a fellow lawyer, because it means talking about yourself. For a lawyer who is usually thinking of working and resolving legal problems of his clients and also not possible to give tips for yourself. Besides being potentially subjective, it is also unethical, if a lawyer gives tips to the public how to choose a lawyer. Another case is if tips are given by people outside of them who are advocate professionals.

The process of selecting Advocates / Lawyers in accordance with their legal needs is almost the same as the process of selecting Doctors, Accountants, Notaries, Architects and other professional workers. Of course by guaranteeing professionalism in his work, an Advocate / Lawyer must be able to provide the best service for the client, so that the client can assess and believe in the quality of work of the Advocate / Lawyer. Careful and careful clients need to be chosen and determined by Advocates / Lawyers to handle their legal matters. In order not to be mistaken in choosing the Advocates / Lawyers needed, some tips need to be taken below:
• Ensure that the Advocate / Lawyer is really an official Advocate / Lawyer who has a valid practice permit, not a lawyer
• Ensure that the Advocate / Lawyer has good qualifications in the field of law.
• Ensure that the Advocate / Lawyer does not have a conflict of interest in the case handled.
• Ensure that the Advocate / Lawyer will not conspire with the opposing party or the opposing Advocate / Lawyer.
• Ensure that the Advocate / Lawyer has a good track record in the Advocate / Advocacy, including concerning ethics, morals and honesty.
• Ensure that the Advocate / Lawyer has never been involved in legal malpractice.
• Ensure that the Advocate / Lawyer is a hardworking and dedicated type of profession and is right to work for the benefit of his clients, not an Advocate / Lawyer who is only good at talking and then charges but is incapable of defending the interests of his clients.